Meet the hot Gen Z cop who arrested Justin Timberlake for DWI

Pop singer Justin Timberlake was recently arrested in The Hamptons for drunk driving. The American singer-songwriter is pulled over by a new Zach Harbor cop who has a reputation as the toughest cop in town. Timberlake was pulled over by new cop Michael Orkinson, who was also named in the singer’s indictment. Michael arrested the Sexyback singer after he ran a stop sign and drove the wrong way.

Sag Harbor Rookie Cop Michael Arkinson Arrests Justin Timberlake For DWI (@HANKonX/X)

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Meet rookie cop Michael Arkinson

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Michael Arkinson was the new cop who arrested Timberlake in his latest DWI arrest less than three months into his service. However, he already has a reputation as a tough cop in the area. As reported by the New York Post, residents of The Hamptons nicknamed the cop ‘The Sag Harbor Nazi’ and “Little Red-Headed Tips-T” because of his strict enforcement of law and order.

Michael graduated from the police academy two years ago in 2022 and has now been promoted to full-time Zach Harbor officer. The 24-year-old police officer also worked as a part-time traffic control officer in 2017, while still in high school. He lives a 25-minute drive from Sag Harbor in the South Hamptons.

When he pulled him over for a traffic violation, the Gen Z cop was unaware of the former NSYNC member’s fame and reputation. Timberlake wasn’t even born when he joined his former band NSYNC.

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Other accounts of run-ins with the new cop

As reported by the Daily Mail, a resident recalled running into a policeman while driving while talking on the loudspeaker. A Zac Harbor nazi ticketed him $145 for talking on his cell phone while driving. When the resident protested that he was on speakerphone, the new guard instructed him to use Bluetooth per traffic instructions.

“I think Justin Timberlake is a victim of over-aggressive Zac Harbor police,” resident Michael commented on Timberlake’s recent arrest.

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