Manchester Airport live: Chaos as flights canceled at two terminals after major power outage

How many flights have been cancelled?Posted at 13:45

Simon Browning
Business Correspondent

The disruption at Manchester Airport has been canceled in “10s”, the airport said this morning.

But as the day progressed, more than 60 flights from the airport were cancelled. According to flight tracking website FlightRadar, ExternalAlmost 80 are late.

An airport spokeswoman told the BBC earlier on Sunday that there were also inbound diversions because the airport had limited space and “planes cannot take off”. This makes it difficult to accept the aircraft, which means they will be sent elsewhere.

The power outage has caused major problems, particularly affecting baggage processing inside the airport.

Jet2, one of the airlines affected by the disruptions, is advising passengers that bags cannot be loaded onto the plane due to the baggage system at the airport being down, and that it will do its best to reunite passengers with their luggage.

Airports have meticulously designed operations, complex flow models that work at maximum efficiency – so that when problems do occur, little bandwidth and systems can be backed up very quickly.

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