The Republican Party is stumbling through a wilderness with no clear leaders

“It’s a little embarrassing that it’s taking so long, and the way they’re dealing with each other,” Mr. Biden said of House Republicans on Wednesday as he left the White House. “I just focus on getting things done.”

The Republican unrest has spilled over into places like the Ohio Statehouse, where state Rep. Jason Stephens, a moderate Republican, joined with Democrats this week to wrest the speakership from state Rep. Derek Merin. . The surprising result reflects the inability of the Republican caucus to unite behind a single candidate, despite holding a two-thirds majority.

The Republican National Committee and Ms. McDaniel faces questions about his leadership. Mr. Like McCarthy, he predicted landslide victories before the November election, and he is now being challenged by Harmeet Dhillon of California, an RNC member who has argued there should be consequences for failing to meet expectations.

The two Republican conflicts have divided the conservative news media, with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson supporting the insurrections, while his prime-time colleagues pitted Republicans against Mr. Urged to unite behind McCarthy.

As in the House, the RNC battle is as much about conservative beliefs or fundraising prowess or Mr. It’s not about Trump’s loyalty. Ms. Dillon’s case against Ms. McDaniel is that the party did not perform strongly enough in November — and that if more Republicans had won competitive House races, Mr. Be a speaker.

For House Republicans on both sides of the speaker’s drama, a big question is how their constituents are reacting. “There’s no support in my district for what these guys are doing,” said Rep. Darrin LaHood, a McCarthy supporter who represents a conservative district in central and northern Illinois.

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Martha Zoller, a conservative talk radio host in northeast Georgia, said Mr. He said he heard this week from several local party organizations upset by his opposition to McCarthy, including the area’s Republican representative, Andrew Clyde.

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