The Oaks Park Atmosphere Ride in Oregon has people stuck 50 feet in the air

Screams of joy turned to screams of terror moments after an Oregon amusement park ride crashed Friday, leaving more than two dozen people hanging upside down — 50 feet high — for nearly 30 minutes.

AtmosFEAR Ride – described At Oaks Park in Portland, it stopped at its highest point around 2:55 p.m., the park said in a statement. First responders arrived about 15 minutes later, Portland Fire and Rescue said, and worked with park staff to lower the 28 riders to the ground as spectators applauded.

One rider was taken to a hospital in medical condition as a precaution, while the others were released by medics, the park said.

The cause of Saturday’s incident is not known. Park managers said they are in contact with the ride’s manufacturer and are working with state inspectors to determine the problem.

“We want to express our deepest appreciation to the first responders and our staff for taking immediate action,” the park’s statement said. “Above all, we are grateful that the riders are safe and with their families.”

The park opened in 1905. describes AtmosFEAR is “an amazing ride with spinning and swinging up and down motion.” Oaks Park said Friday’s incident was the ride’s first safety issue since it opened in 2021. It said first responders trained in rescue on the ride last year.

Ilya Blacksey, 44, said he was in line for a side ride when he saw the AtmosFEAR parked. Thirty seconds passed. Then a minute.

A few minutes later, Blaxie said, an employee announced that help was coming. Staff then announced the park was closed and asked visitors to leave.

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As a crowd stared at the trapped riders, cellphones began to fall to the ground and riders screamed for help, Plaxi said. He said most of the riders were teenagers.

Lavina Waters, 50, was at the Oaks Park Arcade with her children and grandchildren when a woman ran up screaming that people were stuck in the air. Waters went outside to join the crowd that had gathered to see the riders awaiting rescue.

Seeing a shoe drop from one of the dangling riders reaffirmed to Waters that high altitudes like AtmosFEAR were not for him, he said.

“I’m not into it, but it scares me,” Waters said.

AtmosFEAR is closed until further notice.

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