Taylor Swift Changes ‘Karma’ Line, Kisses Travis Kelce in Buenos Aires – Billboard

Officer on stage! Taylor Swift screamed that she was in love with boyfriend Travis Kelce during “Karma,” and then Eras ran offstage to kiss him at her show in Buenos Aires on Saturday night (November 11).



Check out the latest videos, charts and news

Check out the latest videos, charts and news

It’s All Happening: Swift sang, “Karma’s the guy on the screen come straight home to me,” instead of the original “Karma” lyric, “Karma’s the guy in the Chiefs who comes straight home to me.” It was in front of a live audience at Estadio River Plate, where Kansas City Chiefs tight end Kells was watching the concert with Swift’s dad from the VIP tent.

After the show, Swift ran straight into Kelce’s arms and kissed him.

Kelce, who went to dinner with Swift the night before, was seen hanging out with the pop star’s dad, Scott, at Swift’s Saturday night show.

The Swifties captured some quick and cute footage of Kelce enjoying herself at an Eras Tour concert.

Swift’s “Who Can Stay?” When asked, she sang boyfriendof “The Archer,” he He made a mark It read, “We will stay.”

Earlier during Swift’s speech Always“Champagne Troubles,” Kells proudly joined the crowd in chanting “ole, ole, ole” in support of the singer. Other videos circulating show him Singing along to “Blank Space”. And “Willow” Then the fans speculate on him Pointed to Travis on the right As she sang, “That’s my man.”

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Check it all out in the fan-captured clips below, starting with Kelce’s sweet reaction to the lyric change.

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