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Hospital parking needs an overhaul


After another visit to Western Memorial Hospital, it prompts me to vent my frustration with regards to visitor/patient parking.

It's about time that Western Health put in place a new system for parking. It's so outdated — travel to any of our larger centers across the country and you will find very few hospitals with free parking.

It's about time for Western Health to incorporate the same system as used by their counterparts at Eastern health. Very simple — pull your ticket as you enter, pay on the way out, either on the inside or at the bar as you exit, and the cost is minimum.

Time for free parking is long past. It causes the system to be abused, vehicles left in the parking area all day and, yes, overnight and longer.

I realize it may be a little late to correct the parking problem as it is now, but I sure hope that the powers that be will put in a new, more efficient system when and if a new hospital is ever built. Don't hold your breath!

In the meantime, maybe security should pay a little more attention to the parking area in general, not just the meters.

Harley Anderson, Meadows

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