More heat will scorch Arizona and Nevada before moving east later in the week

Another week of extreme heat will scorch parts of the Southwest in a heat dome this week, bringing triple-digit temperatures to Arizona and Nevada before moving east.

Eighteen million people in the Southwest and parts of California are under heat warnings through Thursday. During this time, temperatures will rise five to 15 degrees above average, leading to some record temperatures through Wednesday.

A high heat warning is in effect for the Phoenix metro area and the rest of south-central and northwest Arizona from Tuesday through Thursday, when temperatures will reach 111 F or higher.

“As we get into the first two weeks of June, many places are really starting to see those temperatures rise,” said Todd Schumacher of the National Weather Service in Albuquerque. “Southern California, southern Nevada, southwestern Arizona, they’re starting to see a lot of triple digits.”

People cool off under a mister in Phoenix on June 5, 2024.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Last Thursday, Phoenix hit 110 F for the first time this year with a record high of 113 F.

Meanwhile, highs of 108 F (108 F) on Tuesday and 111 F (43.8 C) on Wednesday are forecast for central Las Vegas.

Las Vegas reached 111 F last Thursday and 110 F last Friday, both records by one degree Fahrenheit on those dates.

Monday marked the 12th consecutive day with temperatures above 100 F since May 30. So far, Las Vegas has recorded its warmest start to June.

Elsewhere in Nevada, temperatures will reach 118 F at Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park and 108 to 113 F in Mesquite, the weather service said.

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A billboard shows the current temperature over 100 degrees in Phoenix on June 5, 2024.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Albuquerque, whose normal high this year is 89 F, tied the record of 100 F set in 1981 on Friday.

In New Mexico, Albuquerque’s average high this year is 89 F, tying the city’s record of 100 F set in 1981.

On Thursday and Friday, widespread warmth will expand from the west into the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Central Virginia and western North Carolina will have some record highs on Friday.

The Big Apple could warm up, as well as New York City, which could see its first 90-degree day on Friday — which is a bit late, since the average first 90-degree day is May 28.

Some states will bask in the heat this week, while others will experience thunderstorms and possible flash flooding.

Flood risk will increase Tuesday through Friday in Florida and some areas could receive up to 10 inches of rain.

Tropical moisture will combine with a stalled storm system to bring repeated rain to many of the same areas, threatening flash flooding problems for cities including Naples, Fort Myers, Key West, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. However, as of Monday morning, the exact locations of the axis of heavy rain were still uncertain.

On Monday, severe storms capable of bringing hail, high winds and a tornado or two are possible for parts of eastern Wyoming, western South Dakota and western Nebraska.

By Wednesday, severe storms are possible across eastern South Dakota, much of Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Minneapolis, Minnesota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota are cities that should be safe from all dangers.

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