Microsoft Teams had a worldwide outage for more than eight hours — and now it's fine

Topic: Some users may experience multiple issues with their Microsoft Teams

User Impact: Users may have experienced several issues with their Microsoft Teams.

More information: Affected scenarios include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Messages may be missing when users log in or unlock their devices after some time.

– Users may not be able to load messages in channels and chats.

– Users are unable to view or download their media (images, videos, audio, call recordings, code snippets).

– Some users are experiencing delays in sending and receiving chat messages.

– Anonymous users may not be able to join meetings.

– Team Connectors for Power Automate/Power Apps encountered errors.

-Call logs may take longer to appear in the user's OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

– Users may not be able to load previous Copilot history or new history may not be written

– Bots can't download links

– Sending and receiving read receipt notifications may be delayed

– Users may have had trouble resuming or rejoining meetings.

– Users in organizations that develop information barriers may experience problems joining meetings

– Users performing a cold boot may not be able to log into Teams and may see an “oops” page.

Final Status: After extended monitoring and various upgrades and mitigation efforts, we have confirmed that our Microsoft Teams service and features have been restored or returned to optimal health.

Start Time: Friday, January 26, 2024, at 2:55 PM UTC

Closing Time: Saturday, January 27, 2024, 1:30 AM UTC

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This is the final update of the event.

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