Louisiana's new governor wants to scrap the state's unique open primaries

The system has been in place for both state and congressional offices in the state for decades, except for a brief interruption in 2008. It is not used in presidential primaries or general elections.

Landry won his re-election last October with 51 percent of the vote, defeating Democrat Shawn Wilson and a group of other Republican hopefuls. He
He was officially sworn in on Monday
Gave Louisiana an all-Republican state government — the state's first GOP governor in eight years. But a majority in both legislative chambers does not warrant an open primary.

“We built the Republican Party in an open primary,” said Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser.
Louisiana Attorney
, he thinks closed primaries encourage political extremism. “Candidates should at least be campaigning to represent all of Louisiana. When you close the primary, you're going to get left and right.

Congress may draw new maps for state House and Senate elections after a court found that the old maps may have violated the Voting Rights Act and required them to add another majority-black district. The Legislature has until Jan. 30 to redraw the map — otherwise a district court could decide the plan for the upcoming elections at a hearing in February.

“The courts have forced the state of Louisiana to redraw our congressional districts. Redistricting is a state legislative function. That's why today, following the court order, I called the Louisiana Legislature into special session to redraw.
Landry said in a statement

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