Lamar Jackson’s status for playoffs remains unclear as Ravens QB continues to recover from knee injury

There’s no bigger question for the upcoming playoffs than this: when Lamar Jackson play?

Answer: No one can say for sure. Nobody really knows.

The Ravens’ star QB has been sidelined since Dec. 4 PCL sprain And has not trained since suffering an injury. The original thought was that he would recover in one to three weeks. However, this is now his fifth missed game Tyler “Snoop” Huntley begins.

While acknowledging the uncertainty the situation brings, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told reporters Friday, “We’ll be optimistic next week.”

Jackson has told those close to him that he’s confident he’ll make the playoffs. But others who observed him closely were not convinced.

Jackson seems to have done what was asked of him, from rehab sessions to training sessions to recovery. However, his status was not known as he was assessed weekly. This isn’t a scenario where Jackson simply waits for the playoffs and then makes a trip.

Regardless, Jackson’s knee didn’t feel right, and despite his efforts to make it feel better, he didn’t practice.

What can take so long? Those familiar with the injury offer two possible explanations.

For one thing, PCL injuries can sometimes take longer than say, MCLs. Of course, it was longer than anyone expected.

Another is that perhaps Jackson’s tenure extended the deadline. Jackson, The 2019 MVP, one of the NFL’s most dynamic players. But his knee has to be 100 percent to be him. Can he really be Lamar if his knee isn’t completely turned?

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