From Nothing to Everything: The Story of David Baazov

The late 19th-century term “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is no stranger to business mogul David Baazov. As a first-generation business founder, Baazov had to work his way through the global business world as the pioneer of his family. After years of demanding work and multiple exits, he finally looks back and calls the long-winded journey a success. His most popular company was Amaya Inc., one of the top leaders in the online gaming industry.

Small Beginnings to a Big Future

David Baazov moved to Montreal, Canada, at just one-year-old. He is of Georgian-Jewish descent and was an expert mathematician from an early age. In his teenage years, with previously equipped sharp mathematic and charismatic skills, Baazov dove into starting his own companies. He began to understand the inner workings of business and ultimate success when he created a dry-cleaning coupon operation and computer-reselling firm.

Baazov landed a contract with the Montreal Public Library through his computer-reselling firm. Over the following five years, the company became worth $20 million. This was one of the signs showing that Baazov was more than his past and destined for greater ventures and innovations.

After exiting the computer-reselling firm, he started to collaborate with developers on a unique online gaming software solution. This was the beginning of Amaya Inc. Baazov would soon see his efforts pay off, something that, as a first-generation immigrant, was beyond his wildest dreams.

Baazov’s Extensive Business Background

Baazov started three companies throughout his life, not including the many acquired under Amaya Inc. The fact that he cultivated a business mindset from his teenage years made way for skyrocketing upon entering the global workspace.

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The modulated business mindset stems from a balance of creativity, logic, and perseverance. Baazov had three separate companies with entirely different solutions. This is an example of his exceptional business mindset at play. No matter what, he was able to configure profitable solutions for each industry, whether it was dry cleaning, computer reselling, or online gaming.

Climbing to the Top

Despite any downfalls, Baazov continued his path to success by building various companies. The core values he held along the way included a strong belief in capability, elevated levels of resilience, and a deep sense of concentration when striving toward a goal.

Due to his accomplishments, Baazov hopes to inspire future entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams and create innovative business solutions. Every industry has market needs that need attention. If someone takes on the ideal business mindset and acts on honorable values such as networking, innovating, and persisting, they can meet market needs and become highly profitable.

Amaya Inc. quickly took off and acquired other online gaming entities. The company acquired smaller software developers, including Chartwell Technology, Ongame Network Ltd., and Cryptologic. Amaya Inc. also acquired more famous companies, including Cadillac Jack, one of the most prominent in the industry. These acquirements are all relevant examples of using a creative business mindset to accomplish even the most prestigious partnerships and business pursuits.

Humble Beginnings to Giant Tech Startup

Baazov’s computer-reselling company started with just two visitors in the first five months. But, due to his perseverance, it later became worth $20 million. Also, when Amaya Inc. went public on the Toronto Venture Exchange in 2010, it was at $6 million in revenue and raised close to $5 million. This was another big win considering a relatively modest start.

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Baazov rose above the business world from humble beginnings and became one of the most well-known gaming moguls. Online gaming changed forever once his hand was in it. Due to Amaya Inc.’s establishment, companies in the industry created more job offerings, and the economy flourished in areas where online gaming is highly sought-after.

Wins in Online Gaming Industry, Now Taking a Rest

David Baazov is now retired from his founding roles in business. After decades of success and a history of major wins throughout the online gaming industry, he focuses his time and energy on family and extracurricular interests.

Baazov will always be known for his impressive history as a global businessman and serves as an inspiration to new entrepreneurs and employees in tech. From nothing, David Baazov found a way to create one of the most incredible solutions the online gaming industry has seen until today. His efforts created jobs, economically stimulated the gaming world, and changed tech innovation as we know it.

David Baazov started in business modestly and now has an entire career history of booming success. Although he has since taken a break from day-to-day work, he looks to his past with fulfillment and an understanding that his creations significantly uplifted multiple industries. Nowadays, Baazov spends his time focused on his charities, but his passion for innovation drives his continuous search for his next business adventure.

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