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Senior Puffin’s Museum in Ramea a delightful, eclectic mix

From left, Alicia Rowe, Megan Warren, Brianna Warren, and Rosie Young at the Ramea Heritage Centre.
From left, Alicia Rowe, Megan Warren, Brianna Warren, and Rosie Young at the Ramea Heritage Centre. - Rosalyn Roy

If you’ve never seen butter displayed in a museum before, the Ramea Heritage Centre can show you a stack of Mom’s Margarine, suitable for baking, frying, sandwiches and toast, but no longer suitable for eating.

The butter display, complete with a vintage enamel butter dish, rests on a table not far from a full-sized boat – or a dory to be more precise – that dwarfs many of the Senior Puffin’s Museum exhibits. Outside the room is another boat, not another life-sized version but at least the length of a six-person dinner table and just as impressive.

Despite the name, there are no live puffins here, senior or juvenile. It is, after all, a museum and not a zoo.

“We have a club up there – the seniors club. I think it (the building) used to be owned by them,” offers Brianna Warren.

“It’s just some artifacts and stuff that people from Ramea brought in,” says Megan Warren, who looks suspiciously younger than the 17 years she claims to be.

Despite the same last name, Megan and Brianna are only distantly related. Megan hails originally from Grey River.

“My Dad’s family still lives down in Grey River,” she said. “We go to Grey River a lot – pretty much every holiday.”

In addition to the cleaning, helping tourists, and selling craft items, they’re also making posters for the Rock Island Music Festival. Megan thinks the festival could be helping to boost tourism.

“There’s a few (tourists). There’s more this year than we’ve had in the past,” she said. “Next year is the Come Home Year, so I’m guessing next year’s going to be a lot of people.”

Before then she speculates that they might have to update pamphlet handout called The Town of Ramea: a brief history and profile, written by Mayor Clyde Dominie.

“I think we’re going to do that this year,” Megan said. “We’re going to have to add on to it.”

What they probably won’t be adding is live puffins, though new neighbours are always welcome.

 “There’s a lot of summer homes here,” confirms Megan, who says there are still plenty left for sale if anyone is inclined.

Festival aside, there’s a pretty good reason to summer in Ramea.

“It’s friendly.”

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