Authorities detained dozens of people in the UCLA parking garage

A group of people were detained by law enforcement officers on the third floor of a parking garage on the UCLA campus Monday morning.

Information regarding why the individuals were detained was not immediately released; However, KTLA 5 News observed several people sitting on the ground, hands zipped behind their backs, surrounded by police.

At least two wore lime green hats. It is not known whether those arrested were students or part of an organized protest.

The student-led group called for a sit-in at Moore Hall at 7 a.m. on Instagram, but the hall was closed an hour later and Monday’s classes are now virtual, the school said. Students are advised to avoid the Royce Quad area.

At 9 a.m., officers moved the detained students to another part of the parking lot and did not allow anyone to talk to them.

Monday’s incident comes less than a week after law enforcement cleared a pro-Palestinian protest camp from Royce Quad and arrested dozens of activists.

This is a growing story. Stay with KTLA for updates.

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