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Multicultural festival celebrates more than Newfoundland heritage

PORT AUX BASQUES, NL – A multicultural festival was held at the Railway Heritage Museum Nov. 28 as part of Canada 150 celebrations.

Residents were invited on social media and through newspaper advertising to present various food and items to share their cultural heritage.

Serah Durnford offered Kenyan samosas, butter chicken, fried kale and more, including a tasty mandazi.

“It’s like an African donut, made in the African way, but using all the universal ingredients,” she said.

The popular recipe can be eaten with any food or dip, or enjoyed by itself as a snack and saved for later reheating.

All Durnford’s dishes were highly praised by the event’s guests.

“Tonight is an opportunity to celebrate inclusion in our community and bring people out for a little meet and greet,” said Shauna Strickland, who cooked a variety of foods, including Newfoundland, Chinese and Italian cuisine.

Durnford and Strickland were the only cooks for the event, but there was plenty of good food to go around.

Musician Barry Musseau provided a soft background accompaniment via his acoustic guitar.

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