Biden hammers Republicans on the economy, with an eye on 2024

But members and factions of the Republican National Convention have come forward to vote on various proposals that have little support among voters. Raising the retirement age for social security and a national sales tax instead of Medicare and federal income tax.

Mr. Biden has sought to brand the entire Republican Party with the proposals, though it’s unclear whether the plans have majority support in the convention or will come to a vote.

Former President Donald J. has already announced a 2024 bid for the White House It urged Republicans not to touch the safety net plans. Other party leaders have urged Republicans not to reject those cuts. “We shouldn’t draw lines in the sand or dismiss any option out of hand, but rather seriously discuss the tradeoffs of the plans,” Senator Michael D. of Idaho said. Crabo, the top Republican on the Finance Committee, wrote in a comment section For Fox News, Mr. Called Biden.

Rep. Kevin Hearn, Republican of Oklahoma, on the House Ways and Means Committee, told a tax conference in Washington this week that there are “a lot of problems” with the plan to replace the income tax with a so-called fair tax. consumption. That includes incentives for policymakers to allow prices to rise faster in the economy in order to generate more revenue from sales taxes, he noted.

“Let’s just say it’s going to be very interesting,” Mr. Hearn said at the DC Bar Taxation Society’s annual tax conference. “I haven’t found a Ways and Means member for that.”

Despite those internal differences, Mr. Biden has been happy to pick and choose unpopular Republican ideas and frame them as a real contrast to his economic agenda. He has refused to cut safety-net programs and threatened to veto such efforts.

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“The president is building the bottom-up and middle-class economy, and protecting Social Security and Medicare,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters this week. “Republicans want to cut Social Security, cut Medicare — programs that Americans have earned, paid for — and impose a 30 percent national sales tax that increases taxes on working families. That’s what they’ve said they want to do, and that’s clearly their plan.

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