Amazon CEO Andy Jassy warned employees to return to the office


Amazon CEO Andy Jassy told employees to get a plan to return to the company’s office or consider employment elsewhere, the company confirmed to CNN. Insider’s Report Highlighted Jassi’s comments from a recent internal event.

Jassi’s news reflects Amazon’s continued push to comply with a policy requiring US office workers to report to a physical office at least three days a week.

As part of his comments, which Amazon shared with CNN, during this month’s event, Jassi said he disagreed with the company’s decision to bring employees back into the office and to criticize it, saying they had no right to ignore the policy.

For those who cannot accept the policy, he predicts that Amazon’s chances of staying at the company are dire.

Some post on message boards Reddit likes on the site and blind in recent weeks Discuss legal rights for employees They say they were hired as a virtual employee 12 months ago and can force them to work in an office.

Earlier, Insider reported that a recording of the session depicted Jazzy telling disgruntled employees: “This is not going to work for you.” The insider also reported that employees at the internal meeting asked Jassi to produce internal data justifying the policy.

According to comments Amazon shared with CNN, Jassi responded that the return-to-office policy was the result of a judgment call based on an evaluation of various factors, including business results. He said Amazon has little data to support its indefinite remote work policy, and that Amazon has had to make judgment calls based on limited data in the past.

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The comments also show that the insider accurately reported Jassi’s predictions regarding employees who did not comply with the return-to-office order. (CNN was allowed to translate, but did not quote Jassi’s comments directly.)

Separately, the company told CNN that Amazon’s approach to remote work will evolve as the pandemic conditions.

Earlier this month, Amazon sent some employees An email indicating that the company knows you don’t come into the office as often as needed.

Amazon is monitoring workers attendance after more than 1,000 corporate employees walked out in May to protest office policy. Walkout organizers called the company’s approach a “draconian, one-size-fits-all” mandate.

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