The Amazing Race Canada comes to Corner Brook, sees contestants battle at downtown Centre Bowl.

By Sam Westcott

Special to The Western Star

Published on August 16, 2017

Manager Debbie Davis stands outside Centre Bowl with a letter confirming the alley as an official location on The Amazing Race Canada. The alley is a family business owned and operated by Debbie and husband Gord Davis.

©Sam Westcott/ Special to The Western Star

Tuesday’s episode of The Amazing Race Canada probably felt a little familiar to those on the west coast and in Corner Brook.

For one, it captured contestants competing in the mean streets of Corner Brook, while one of the host venues of the competition was Debbie and Gord Davis’ Centre Bowl. However, when five or six men entered the bowling alley back in January and asked if they could film, Debbie says she didn’t know what exactly the filming was for.

The alley was kept in the dark for some time, until eventually it was revealed to them that the show would be The Amazing Race Canada.

The program, which airs on CTV, is the Canadian spin-off of the progenitor series The Amazing Race – a show that has been taking contestants to disparate places around the world to watch them compete in local avenues since 2001.

It was a thrill then for Davis when she realized the alley would help represent Corner Brook in the show’s long history of depicting the world through competition.

Within the show, Davis served as the episode’s Clue Giver, while the alley functioned as a ‘Detour’ or ‘Roadblock’ for the contestants.

Davis said the contestants rushed down from up the coast before stopping into Centre Bowl, which saw them form teams and play a game of bowling, before being allowed to move on.

The next stop for contestants on the Corner Brook edition of The Amazing Race Canada was local favourite Swirsky’s. The show also featured scenes from Gros Morne.

The show was filmed in May.

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