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LETTER: Cabin owners still treated unfairly

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

On Friday, Jan. 4, Derek Winsor was in small claims court in St. John’s, looking for justice against Eastern Waste Management.

This is a monstrosity that was set up some years ago by the provincial government when it, in its wisdom, decided that this island should only have three regional dump sites and there has been nothing only trouble since — huge costs, trucking garbage all over the place and legislating them to do as they like. And that’s exactly what they are doing, charging exorbitant fees and interest charges.

Did Derek Winsor get justice?

No, all because the justice system doesn’t know or doesn’t care what’s going on.

Winsor is like hundreds of other citizens of the Avalon Peninsula who have a cabin for recreation or just to get away for relaxation from the busy St. John’s life.

These people are already paying for their garbage in their homes (through their municipal taxes) and when they go to their cabins for a few days — and although they bring their garbage back home — they are charged another $180 by an organization that doesn’t even collect their garbage.

This organization is double-billing these cabin owners into paying two garbage fees when in fact they are not creating any more garbage.

These owners are being punished for having a cabin and the justice system in this province is aiding and abetting the Eastern Waste Management by allowing them to double bill for one lot of service and people like Derek have to pay the price.

It’s time for the justice system and our government to do justice for the people of the province.

Capt. Wilfred Bartlett (Ret.)

Green Bay South

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