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LETTER: Isle aux Morts mayor responds to Greg Sheaves letter to the editor

The former fish plant in Isle aux Morts.
The former fish plant in Isle aux Morts. - John René Roy Photo

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Mr. Greg Sheaves’ letter in the 30 April edition of the Gulf News.

I have read through every single piece of correspondence that has been sent and received regarding the old fish plant site. Council did not feel obligated to contact Mr. Sheaves or invite him to a council meeting because after reading the letters from (him) over the years his response has always been the same, the scrap steel market is poor and his equipment is having problems.

If Mr. Sheaves was concerned that the town encroached his boundary line he should have made that known before he provided the material and equipment for the town to extend the ballfield to allow for the kiosk buildings to be built. Mr. Sheaves was paid for his time and material. I will repeat this, Mr. Sheaves was paid by the town to supply the material and equipment to extend the ballfield.

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Mr. Sheaves states that the homes around the area can now see the harbour/ocean/water because he tore down some of the buildings. I agree that the buildings blocked their view but with the amount of material that was left behind the homeowners view has not been improved unless they enjoy looking at a pile of garbage.

The current council in Isle Aux Morts cannot speak on what was done in 2000 when the plant site was sold to Mr. Sheaves but I am certain that they did not expect it to take 18 years to have the area partially removed.

Mr. Sheaves is indeed a taxpayer in Isle Aux Morts, but he needs to be reminded that property taxes are due annually.


Nelson Lillington, Mayor

Isle Aux Morts

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