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GRENFELL MATTERS: Being involved on campus can help all students

Kryston Munnings
Kryston Munnings - Contributed

I am the current elected Speaker for the International Students Caucus and Grenfell Campus Student Union Councilor-at-Large. I am honoured to be named the Grenfell Campus student representative on the Board of Regents of Memorial University of Newfoundland. I am wholeheartedly looking forward to this exciting and interesting opportunity.

The Memorial University Act vests authority in the Board of Regents for the “…management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the University”. All things considered, the board is concerned with the governance of the University. In doing so, it establishes policy and provides structure and means for policy implementation.

The board is made up of members of the university’s leadership, members of the Alumni Association, community members selected by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. There are four student representatives: one from St. John’s campus representing undergraduate students, one representing Marine Institute, one representing graduate students, and me, representing Grenfell Campus.

I have always been very involved on campus. Being a representative voice for the students of Grenfell Campus, advocating for the needs of our students, and ensuring our issues and concerns are raised with the Board, are the primary reasons why I wanted to get involved in the Board of Regents. Memorial University plays a crucial role in the appropriate and systematic development of this province. In working with fellow members of the Board, I hope to find solutions to the challenges facing higher education in Newfoundland.

Kryston Munnings is an international student from Belize in his fourth year of a bachelor of arts in psychology at Grenfell Campus.

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