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St. Lawrence seeks funding for museum

The St. Lawrence Miner's Memorial Museum.
The St. Lawrence Miner's Memorial Museum. - Google Street View

Ventilation system in need of servicing

ST. LAWRENCE, NL — A ventilation system in the Miners Museum in St. Lawrence, which is used by members of 3L training and employment, is in need of servicing.

The group employs persons in the community to create jewellery from local fluorspar.

“We have no reason to really think that there’s anything wrong with the system,” said Mayor Paul Pike, “it’s just that the system should be cleaned every so many years and regular maintenance done.”

Pike explained that annual maintenance is completed on the machine, but to have a thorough cleaning of the unit done they have to hire an outside company.

“It’s a significant cost,” he said. “I think the cost would be approximately $4,500. This work is about to be completed.”

He added that the main concern for the town is people working in the building.

“We’re trying to create a safe working environment for these people, for our clients and our workers, so we are going to make sure this ventilation system is cleaned and ready for the upcoming season.”

The town has submitted a request to the provincial government for funding to assist with the cost.

“We will not be opening until that work is done,” said Pike. “We are anticipating a big tourism season this year, because we have the addition to the museum, a new lunch room called the ‘Lunch Tin’.”

Pike explained people visiting the museum would be able to stop and order lunch, or have a lunch packed to take with them while on a hike to Chambers Cove.

“As well we’re hoping (that) our tourists will take advantage of creating their own jewellery, which will be a new program this year.”

Pike also said they are hoping to market the jewellery made at the museum across the province.

“Our jewellery is very popular,” he said. “The fact that it is designed and created by the workers that work with the 3L Training and Employment, no two items are ever exactly alike, each piece is unique in colour and in make-up.”

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