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Wabush budget to be presented Jan. 29

Wabush Mayor Ron Barron
Wabush Mayor Ron Barron - Photo by Mike Power

Residents of Wabush will get details of the municipal budget for 2019 on Jan. 29.

Usually budgets are required to be filed by the end of the year, but extensions can be granted. An extension was granted to Wabush as they dealt with the issue of financing for the Mike Adams Recreation Complex.

The town announced the centre would close at the end of 2018, but since then negotiations have been ongoing with the Town of Labrador City, with the help of Labrador West MHA Graham Letto. They are working to find a solution to keep the recreation centre open as plans progress towards a new recreation centre for Labrador West.

Earlier there were differences of opinion between the councils on how the financing should be carried out.

Wabush Mayor Ron Barron told The Aurora that those talks continue and he says things are very positive.

“It is our intent to do everything to keep the centre operating,” he said. “This is an important facility for the area, and people realize that.”

When asked if the budget would pass if the agreement on the recreation complex wasn’t concluded, Barron says if things remain positive, as they are now, they will continue to operate .

Recently, Letto said the discussions were continuing on a positive note as well.

Pool reopening soon

Meanwhile, in relation to the pool at the Mike Adams Recreation Complex, there is good news for people who have been missing the pool.

The Wabush pool has not been in operation since late summer. There was a problem with the facilities heating system, and due to the age of the pool, finding parts to repair it proved to be difficult.

Barron told The Aurora a short-term solution has been found that will allow the pool to hopefully open in about three weeks, and a permanent solution is expected to be found soon after.

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