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Port aux Basques council recap includes possible new business opportunities

Port aux Basques council
Port aux Basques council - Submitted

Discussion about a possible new funeral home and the awarding of town tenders were among the highlights of the last town council meeting held on May 8.

New business possibilities

Council noted that the lucrative laundry services contract for Marine Atlantic will be up for bid again next year. A successful bid from a local entrepreneur would likely mean more jobs for this area.

Council received a letter from entrepreneurs looking to open a funeral services business at 23 Reid Street. A notice of intent to gauge public reaction must first appear in The Gulf News before the matter can proceed further.

Two different companies looking at establishing wind farms in the area have reached out to council for a meeting. Council will invite both companies to make full presentations and answer necessary questions.

Grand Bay West Beach

A resident reported minor harassment by youths riding motorbikes on Grand Bay West Beach and trail system. Council will reply to the letter advising the resident to contact the local RCMP and reach out as well. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the beach and trail areas, which are popular with hikers walking their pets.

School bus stop

Council received a letter requesting that the school bus stop for Charles Head students be moved closer to Andy Rainbow’s Park. Public works will assess if the proposed location for the new stop can prove suitable for a shelter, and if so and following approval from council, will follow up with the school board who will also need to approve the new stop location.

Financial matters

Council has voted to borrow monies for two different reasons.

The town is in need of a new backhoe, which will require a loan of $136,000.

Council will also have to borrow in order to pay its share of the 2017-2018 municipal capital works projects such as paving and water treatment. The amount of this loan will be $222,500.

Council has also awarded a number of tenders for summer work such as lawn maintenance for public buildings, as well as painting and street marking, which is intended to be completed in June.

Land transfer

Town council will transfer land located at 17A Stadium Road, the site of the old Bruce Arena, to Gateway Village Corporation which is a charitable non-profit organization working to develop affordable senior housing in the town.

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