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Wild Cove senior sells boat and fishing gear, unable to haul by hand

For the second season in a row, Wild Cove senior Larry Bailey says he’s been forced out of the of the recreational scallop fishery. Revisions to the fisheries definition by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans prevent him from using a motorized capstan to hoist the drag rake, and the 84-year-old says he’s no longer able to raise it by hand.
The 2019 recreational scallop regulations are out and again, participants aren’t permitted to use a hoist in bringing up the drag rake. Wild Cove, Baie Verte Peninsula, senior Larry Bailey is disappointed with the decision and says he won’t be partaking in the fishery this year.

No hoist for recreational scallops in 2019


Larry Bailey’s recreational scallop days are over.

After two years trying to persuade the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) to allow the use of a hoist to take in his drag rake, but getting nowhere, the 85-year-old has sold his boat and gear.

The Wild Cove, Baie Verte Peninsula, senior has been taking part in the recreational fishery since the mid-1950s, and as he got older he started using a hoist to take the strain of the rake while hauling back.

However, in 2017 DFO made it clear the use of this mechanism was prohibited, and it continues to be again this year.

In an emailed response to The Central Voice, about why it has upheld the hoist ban, DFO replied, “The use of hydraulic or other mechanized equipment is not consistent with recreational fishing activity and it could have a potential negative impact on lobster grounds.”

Adding, the use of hydraulic or other mechanized equipment is not authorized in any of the other Atlantic Provinces.

And even though his boat is gone, Bailey has the option to take part in the fishery with other recreational fishermen, although it’s not looking that way.

“If you can’t use a hoist I won’t be at it, because my hands can’t handle it anymore,” he said.

Bailey said he was disappointed by the decision, and encourages others to voice their concerns over the ban.

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