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Two men missing on ATVs located and rescued near Harcourt

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After becoming lost in the woods in the Harcourt area of Trinity Bay, two missing ATV riders were found over the weekend with the help of RCMP, search and rescue, the rescue command centre, fire and emergency services and Cougar helicopters.

According to a release issued by police on Tuesday afternoon, April 23, Clarenville RCMP received a report on Saturday morning, April 20, at about 8:30 a.m. of two men lost in the woods.

The men were in the Harcourt area and were stranded after having mechanical issues with two ATVs they were riding.

Contact was made with the two men, who were able to describe the general area they were in before their cell phone battery died.
Clarenville RCMP contacted the Triple Bay Eagles Search and Rescue team for assistance. The team left from Oliver’s Road to conduct a ground search for the missing men.
Police also contacted the Joint Rescue Command Centre (JRCC), which dispatched a helicopter and successfully located the two men in a wooded cabin area.
The two men were able to light a fire and waited for daylight to get their bearings and made their way to their cabin. They remained there until they were located by the helicopter.

The two men were airlifted to the Clarenville air strip and both were reported to be in good condition, not requiring any medical treatment.
The RCMP thanks all those involved in the safe return of these two men including Triple Bay Eagles Search and Rescue, Fire and Emergency Services, the Joint Rescue Command Centre and Cougar Helicopters.

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