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Rash of scam CRA calls to Port aux Basques cellphones


There seems to be yet another Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scam today in Port aux Basques.

Three of the town’s office staff and the reporter for the Gulf News have all received automated voice messages on their cell phones advising them to call back a number, or else have a warrant issued for their arrest.

The number appears to be originating from Alberta: 587-883-7056, and the call back number is 587-883-7054.

Sgt. Terry Alexander says the Port aux Basques RCMP detachment is also fielding calls, and verified it is another scam.

On its website, the CRA warns never to release personal information to unverified or unknown parties over the phone. If you believe you may owe money, contact CRA directly instead.

Information about fraudulent scams surrounding Canada Revenue can be found on its website, along with guidelines on how to protect yourself.

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