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Deer Lake Regional Search and Rescue makes two rescues

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Darren Williams called the conditions brutal with at times zero visibility while members of the Deer Lake Regional Search and Rescue made two rescues on Sunday into early Monday.

It was about 4:15 p.m. on Sunday Deer Lake RCMP received a call of three snowmobilers from Deer Lake lost in the back country between Bonne Bay Pond and Cormack.

Because of poor conditions one of the men became separated from the other two.

Williams, team coordinator, said six members of his team left from Jackladder in the Bonne Bay Pond area and located the lone 28-year-old man shortly after midnight.

A second four-member team, of which he was part, also went out and located the other two men (a 28-year-old and a 25-year-old) at about 4 a.m. on Monday.

Williams said they were in the White Hills area, which was about 25 to 30 kilometres from where they originated their search from Jackladder.

He said they were a little cold and wet, with one of them suffering mild hypothermia, so they provided them with warm gloves, hot packs and hot liquids.

“Despite their ordeal, they were in good spirits when we found them,” Williams said.

He said that area has some rough conditions, with snow overhangs of six to 12-feet, so it can be dangerous.

Williams advises snowmobilers to be careful if travelling that area due to high winds that cause heavy drifting and deep crevices in places.

He said he went out with the second team because he would do anything that he wouldn’t ask any of his members to do and as always is proud of them for going out, especially in those conditions.

While an ambulance was on scene, the rescued snowmobilers didn’t need to be checked.

Sgt. Joe Anderson of the Deer Lake RCMP, said police remind the public of the importance of being aware of possible forecasted weather conditions before heading out into the country and to always be prepared with the proper equipment and provisions should you find yourself lost in the woods.

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