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Bear cub pays visit to Swift Current home

Couple says bear encounters not uncommon

SWIFT CURRENT, N.L. – A Swift Current couple had an unexpected visitor on the morning of June 21.

George Eddy opened his venetian blinds Thursday to look out on his patio, only to find a bear cub in front of him.

“He was so close on the patio I had to look down to see him,” said Eddy.

Eddy says the bear rooted around in the compost heap and, after finding nothing interesting there, turned their yard into a personal jungle gym, climbing a nearby tree and balancing along the patio fencing.

Eddy says he even took a peak into the couple’s window, and at one point, slapped a paw against the glass.

Fortunately, mama bear was nowhere in sight, so the couple didn’t feel threated.

And, they say it’s not the first time they’ve had such a visitor.

“We’re after having a few bears visit over the years, so it’s not strange to us,” said Eddy.

He says it’s mostly been smaller bears who have visited over the years, but he and his wife Gloria have a strategy in case a bigger bear gets too close for comfort — go out the basement door, get in the car and leave.

Eddy says neighbors have had similar experiences and that just a day before the bear cub visited their property, a woman a couple of kilometers down the road saw a bear in her yard.

Eddy has phoned wildlife officers twice over the years about the bear visitors. Both times the bears eluded the traps set out by officers, although he says other bears have been trapped in areas of Swift Current over the years.

The couple managed to get some photos and even a video of the furry friend before it disappeared back into the woods.

Photos and video courtesy of Gloria and George Eddy.

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