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Scary Story Contest entries

There were some great entries submitted in the Gulf News' Scary Story Contest. Photo by J.R. Roy/Special to the Gulf News
There were some great entries submitted in the Gulf News' Scary Story Contest. Photo by J.R. Roy/Special to the Gulf News

The Gulf News recently held a Scary Story Contest.

The winning entry, submitted by Sierra Warren of Burgeo, was chosen live via draw on Facebook.

Here are all the submissions we received:


A real life ghost story

By Angela Lomond

The house I grew up in is built next to a building which was once a church. In the old days most churches were accompanied by cemeteries.

So, is my childhood home built on a cemetery? No one really knows. Is it built on haunted ground? Definitely!

So many strange things always happened to us – walls talking, missing chocolate chip cookies and exploding eggs, even little girls trying to come through and say hi.

But now I am getting ahead of myself.

I always knew our house was haunted. Let's see what you think.

When I was about seven my mother made us bacon and toast for a late-night snack one night. The minute she placed a plate on the table, it literally exploded. There was glass everywhere, even as far as the living room. There was glass all over the table and the floors and embedded in the windowsill directly behind us.

The bacon and eggs were sitting on the table perfectly. Not one shard of glass was on us.

When I was about nine I was constantly blamed for eating bags upon bags of chocolate chip cookies. Honestly, cookies would literally vanish in our house and to this day I still have to stand my ground with my mother, stating I never ate those cookies.

When I was about 10 I had my first all-girls sleepover. It was someone's brilliant idea to take out a Ouija board.

As soon as they asked was there a ghost present, paint cans got tipped over in the basement. Even though no one was down there. Everyone got so scared they went home.
I spent my 10th birthday alone – well, maybe.

When I was about 11 my wall started talking to me. As in, sounds literally came from my walls. I can remember one night it was so very loud I actually got out of bed, put my ear directly on my wall, and said please stop. After that… dead silence.

When I was 16 I had my boyfriend stay at my house one weekend while my parents were out of town. He fell asleep on the couch watching TV.

Then out of the blue he sprang to his feet and asked, “who owned the little girl?”

I replied, “what little girl?”

He said the one that stood on the side of the couch watching him when he opened his eyes. He said she was about four or five, with curly blonde hair and big blue eyes. She wore a red dress with a black collar and black buttons. But she wasn't there anymore. Where did she go?

My big tough boyfriend was so scared he went home.

But my ghost finally had a face.

I knew from that night on, I knew she was there. I used to talk to her and confided in her like she was a real person. I think my mother probably thought I was on drugs most of my teenage years, although I never touch the stuff.

My sister was born a couple of years later too, so I often wondered if, in some ghostly manner, they were just letting me know she was coming. Because wouldn't you know it - she had blonde hair and big blue eyes.

When I was 19 I moved out on my own. Never had any strange, wonderful things happen since the day I left.

But to this day, every single time I walk into that house, in my mind I say hi. I can never prove she was there and no one will believe me anyway.

But I know she was… and probably still is.


The dog

By Rick L

I have several stories I can throw your way, but this one is kind of disturbing.

This happened to my third cousin, who I grew up with.

Our families were close. She and her sister were constantly being besieged by their father. They got dumped on for the smallest of things. They were also expected to do all of the chores in the house.

However, whenever her dad got like that, she would always have a grandfather to go to. He consoled her and made her feel good again.

Unfortunately, grandpa died, and she was left with no one she could go to. One night my cousin was late getting home, and she knew what was coming. She was right; as soon as she walked through the door her dad was on her. She started crying.

She went to do the dishes but looked upwards and said to her grandfather, “please make him stop.” All of a sudden, her father stopped, turned around and went into the living room.

That night a little dog she had never seen before appeared in her backyard at her bedroom window, tail wagging and yapping like he knew her. All she had to say was “go away,” and the dog turned tail and ran away.

From that point on, whenever her father treated her badly she would ask for help and she’d get it. The dog would return every night she prayed for help, and her dad would immediately shut up and walk away.

It was too much for her though. She finally had to tell the dog, “I know who you are but it's scaring me. Please don't come back.”

The dog never returned.

We figure the dog was her grandfather.


The haunted house

By Sierra Warren

Grade 6, Burgeo Academy

One day, Sierra, Kiana and Chloe went for a walk.

When they were walking they came across an abandoned house. They decided to use a Ouija board they had with them. To see what would happen.

They asked it questions like “What’s your name?” “How old are you?” and, “Are you a boy or a girl?”

Kiana, Sierra and Chloe started hearing creaking sounds. Then they heard a loud BANG! They ran out of the house, leaving the Ouija board behind without saying goodbye!

That night they were scared so they had a sleepover at Chloe’s house. At midnight they saw a little girl with black and blue eyes in the corner wearing a pink nightgown. Chloe went over to talk to the little girl, but it disappeared when she went to touch it!

Two hours later they saw the girl again but this time she slammed the door and disappeared! Ten minutes later she sat down next to Sierra and screamed as loud as she could. At 4 a.m. they saw a man holding a knife in the corner. His clothes were full of blood and had holes in his shirt. They were terrified! They didn’t know what was going on.

Chloe remembered that they didn’t say goodbye on the Ouija board and the only way to fix it is if they burn the Ouija board.

Kiana ran back to Chloe’s house and started a fire while Chloe and Sierra went back to the haunted house to get the Ouija board. They ran to Chloe’s house and burned the Ouija board.

They saw all the spirits go into the fire.

Then they all woke up in their beds at Chloe’s and didn’t know what had happened.

They decided to go for a walk.


No sleep

By Andrew Ricketts

Grade 6, Burgeo Academy

Once upon a time there was one boy named Joe.

Joe was going as a zombie for Halloween. When they were finished Joe went to bed because he was really tired.

The next day it was Halloween and Joe decided to go early so he got his costume and went trick-or-treating.

First, he went to the neighbor’s house because it was the closest. Later, he went to all the neighbours, then he stopped for the day and waited for the night to come. To pass the time he watched a movie.

At night he went trick-or-treating with his friends. They saw this house, so they went there and knocked on the door. The person came out to give them candy. It was a woman and she said, “come in,” but after they came in the house she was gone! They were trying to look for her but then one of the kids disappeared! Then there were only two kids.

Then they tried to look for their friend, but he was nowhere to be seen. They were getting a little scared. When they opened the door, a big witch came out and started to chase them! They were hiding while the witch was looking for them and then ran out next door.

Joe saw his friend was gone so he was the only one left. He tried to run out the door and run past the witch. He got outdoors safely and got home and locked the doors.

He went to bed with his dog and cat and hoped to see his friends again.


Friday the 13th

By Gregory Compton

Grade 6, Burgeo Academy

It was a calm night in 1978.

There were three people having a campfire and dancing. Somebody was coming over to tell them to turn down their music. But a masked murderer came over and sliced the guy’s head off.

The murderer was wearing jeans, a military green plaid shirt, black boots and a yellow hockey mask. He was holding an axe with a wooden handle. It was Jason Voorhees and he came back from the dead. It was Friday the 13th. He was back for revenge for his mom.

There was no place to run or hide. Jason was there for your soul. But then the three campers decided to fight back and attack Jason. They were really brave to fight back. A camper named

Adam called the police, but the police didn’t believe them. They told Adam that they’ll come anyway if there was a real murderer after them.

When the police arrived, they ran to them but only one survived. It was Tiffany, but Adam got sliced in half and Kenny’s jaw was ripped off his face by Jason.

The next day cops were investigating Camp Crystal Lake in New Jersey. Nobody was allowed to go to Camp Crystal Lake for years and Tiffany was arrested and put in jail for life because Tiffany had blood on her. They never found any evidence, so they assumed Tiffany was the killer.

One year later, Tiffany was released because the police found a machete with a finger print. They said this machete had a finger print of a kid that drowned about 35 years ago.
His name was Jason.

Tiffany said about 35 years ago she saw a kid get pushed in the lake and drown because he didn’t know how to swim.


The monkey bars

By Kennedy Lushman

Grade 6, Burgeo Academy

In 2016, one dark Halloween night, three 11-year-old boys named Lucas, Tom and Robin went out late night trick-or-treating.

“Hey guys! I heard that by the monkey bars over there some people have seen a young ghost boy,” Tom said.

Robin knocked on the last door and they all got a handful of candy.

“Nah, that’s a myth.” Robin looked at Tom.

“I t-think that’s f-fake…” Lucas tried to say but he stuttered.

The boys walked to a cliff and sat down. Robin dangled his feet over the edge of the cliff.

“Nice night out…” Tom said, looking at the big, bright, full moon.

“Yup…” Robin and Lucas said, also looking at the moon.

Suddenly something grabbed Robin and tried to pull him off the cliff.

“Huh?! Guys, help!!!” Robin yelled as Tom and Lucas pulled him up.

“What happened?!” Tom and Lucas said in fear.

“I d-don’t know!” Robin tried to say, gasping for air. “C’mon, we have to go.”

Tom started walking to the old, abandoned playground. Robin and Lucas followed. Tom sat on a swing and heard a creak.

Creak… Creak…

Robin saw the other swing swaying and there was NO wind.

“Look…” Robin said, shaking.

Tom looked over and jumped out of the swing and just stared. Lucas said nothing. His eyes widened, and his skin turned a light pale peach as he looked at the swing shaking.

Robin went over to the monkey bars and sat down and so did Tom and Lucas. Lucas was dressed as Super Mario, Tom was a vampire and Robin was a werewolf.

Lucas turned around to see a ghost boy with an axe staring at them.

Lucas screamed and so did Robin and Tom. They ran home as fast as they could and never returned.


One late Halloween night

By Cameron Young

Grade 1, All Saints All Grade School, Grey River

Once upon a time there was a graveyard.

One late Halloween night there was a haunted house. Two children went to the haunted house. Their names were Sally and Jack.

A black cat popped out of the haunted house and there was a witch on her broomstick.

A ghost came out of the haunted house. Sally and Jack screamed.

A zombie said “Ahhhhhhh” so they ran all the way home.


In the graveyard

By Ellen Lushman

Grade 2, All Saints All Grade School, Grey River

There was a zombie in the graveyard.

Me and my Dad went up there and me and my Dad was scared. The zombie came after us. We were scared.

A mummy popped out. We screamed very loud again. A ghost came from a gravestone. It became midnight and the moon was a full moon.

I said, “we have to get home quickly.”

The ghost came after us, so we ran all the way home.


The vampire

By Tyler Young

Grade 3, All Saints All Grade School, Grey River

Once upon a time a long time ago there was a vampire.

He chased everyone because vampires love blood. The vampire chased all the villagers because he wanted their blood so he could live.

The villagers had a very bad day. The vampire Mr. Chicken didn’t get their blood. And he is dead.


The twisted night

By Gabriel Lushman

Grade 5, All Saints All Grade School, Grey River

One Halloween there was a group of five teenage boys playing pranks on old people.

But one boy did not. His name was Andy. The others were Timmy, Max, Jake and Peter.

Max was the leader of the gang. They went to an old lady's house and they tried to prank her, but she called the cops. They went running down the street. They saw and heard the sirens.
After they went in the woods and saw an old machine and Jake shoved Andy in the house. They heard pounding and screaming, and saw blood running down the door.

Max burst through the door and saw nothing, not even Andy. The boys outside saw a dark figure in the late night coming towards them.

They ran in the big house. Andy and Max were not in sight. They saw all the doors and cupboards open and shouted over and over.

Wind was coming out of the windows and the door slammed and was locked. They walked upstairs and saw Max and Andy. They were terrified.

They looked at the door and the knob was shaking. They thought it was their end. But when they opened the door nobody was there. They looked back in the room and saw a demon. They shut the door and trapped him.

Max, the intelligent one, picked open the door. They saw walking figures coming at them. Timmy and Peter ran in the woods and the rest stay behind. They ran after too.

Then Andy could not find any of his friends. He saw a shack and went inside. He saw sheets and looked at them. One of the sheets said he was a robot. He shouted, “No. It can’t be true!”

He found his way home, but his friends were never to be seen again.


Ship Z

By Michael Lushman

Grade 7, All Saints All Grade School, Grey River

It was 1947, the end of the second great war.

TJ Smith is on a boat headed home to Brooklyn, New York. One night while he is lying in the bunk on the ship he heard some thumping noises. It sounded like it came from the front of the ship. It was very weird because the ship was made of reinforced steel.

Everyone on the ship was alert. TJ opened the door and looked down the ship’s hall. He saw people running and screaming, “Get down. Run. Move. Go, go, go!”

He just started running. He didn't know where. He just got out of there. He and eight other people got out of the first hall, seven in the second and 10 in the third. “Does anyone know what happened?”

A man was in the corner of the room. It was dark there, so they couldn't see his face.

He said, “yes I do. It was the enemy's plan. They take bodies and make them wild, non-human. It was their plan. Zombies.”

Everyone made their way to the captain’s wheel house. In all there were 24 people. The captain said, “I have a plan. Find all the weaponry you can.”

“Are we going to fight them off?”

“No, we're going to blow them to smithereens,” said the captain.

They went in groups of three. There were eight groups. Only four came back. Now there’s only 12 people.

They took the TNT down by the oil. The soldier said, “there is a problem. The wire can't get wet or it will ignite. We’ll draw straws.”

The captain said “No, this is foolish, let me stay.”

They said a prayer and went to the boats. The captain heard something coming. The door burst open. A swarm of zombies crowded in on top of him. He reached up, twisted the key, and boom, it was all over.

The 12 men saluted from the boats. The 12 soldiers made it home.

The captain and crew will never be forgotten.


The forest man

By Karli Young

Grade 7, All Saints All Grade School, Grey River

It was a chilly evening one late fall and I was driving along in a forest by myself. The forest seemed to go on forever. It was quiet.

The car suddenly came to a stop. I leaned forward and got out of the car to check it out. I inspected the car and all four tires had popped.

I decided to leave my car and I regret that decision very much today.

I took my emergency flashlight from the trunk and walked down the highway, hoping to find help.

After 10 minutes I saw a really tall man. He wore a black suit with a really white face. I watched him, but he just stood there. He was watching me too. He had no facial features. He was strange.

I turned to find a mansion with the gate left open. It had a gravel driveway with swings and a slide. I picked up a page. It had mysterious trees and the tall man. I turned around he was gone.

Chills went down my back. I entered the house and there was writing everywhere. The wall’s writing said, “don't let him get you. It's too late. You can't hide.”

I wasn't sure what the writing meant, but were they talking about the man?

The house was scary and empty. I ran around the house to look for a phone. I found one and the power was out.

I peered out the dusty window and saw the man. He was much closer this time. I panicked. He now had tentacles coming from his back. They were black and looked like they were going to grab me.

I ran around the house to close all the doors and windows. Sweat was running down my face. I trembled with fear.

I finished closing the windows and doors. On the last window he stood there, straight and tall. He was about 7 feet tall and very slender. His arms were pressed on his sides.

I ran up the creaky stairs and started closing the windows and doors. I ran inside a white room with a gray bed for safety. I got up to close the window and I could not see him outside. I turn to close the door but saw a small, white face stare down at me with his two arms on the side with the dozen tentacles on his back.

He grabbed me without saying anything and took me out the window.

I closed my eyes to hope it was all over.


The haunting

By Gavin Lushman

All Saints All Grade School, Grey River

It was damp and muggy at the native burial ground.

Billy, Tori and Geo were investigating a haunted house. But they didn't know that it was over a native burial ground.

Billy is the person who would review the footage and Tori and Geo were the lead investigators.

Billy was 300 feet away from the house, while Tori and Geo were in the house.

Tori was upstairs, and Geo was downstairs.

Upstairs Tori heard a bang like something fell over, so she went downstairs quick. Geo was in shock and looking at something. Tori couldn’t make it out at first but there was a shadow that looked like a native. It had a feather on its head. Tori shook Geo. He got out of the trance. He said, “I couldn't move. I felt something on me.”

“Well, thank you for waking me up. Let's get back to investigating.”

They saw a door on the floor. They opened it. There were bones and coffins everywhere. They found a little girl with black bones.

“Here,” Geo said. “Check it out.”

And she did. They got frightened so bad they swore they would never go back again.


Missing on a Halloween night

By Brayden Rose

Grade 7, All Saints All Grade School, Grey River

On a dark, windy, chilly night there was a 14-year-old child.

It was Halloween night, at 10:46 p.m. when the child wandered off into the woods. Those woods were haunted and restricted at all times. And in those woods, there were graves everywhere, three different graveyards and paranormal activity.

There were trees randomly falling, limbs cracking, and he was hearing voices. The woods were very closed in with trees and limbs.

The child was lost as soon as he went in the woods. Around 11:30 p.m. he was frozen and had nothing to make him warm.

He tried to search for something but all he found was wet moss and branches. Then he thought about walking around to make himself warmer and it did for a while. Then something pushed him down. He was feeling really scared.

He got up and ran and ran. Then he passed a graveyard with people standing in it. He did not know what to do. He started to sprint in a southwest direction.

He ran and ran for five minutes. He found a small trail. He got it into his head to follow it.

And on the trail, there were bones and skulls. He also threw up.

After seven minutes of walking he saw lights. He continued to go toward the lights.

When he broke out of the woods he was in the sewer of the city. At 12:27 a.m. he was kidnapped by a goblin in the sewer pipe.

After that he was never found again

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