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Margaree’s 25th Annual Winter Carnival

By Kyrstal Cousins

Special to The Gulf News

MARGAREE, NL – Margaree residents celebrating their 25th annual Winter Carnival paid tribute to the event’s founder, Scott Seymour, who first created and organized the carnival in 1994.

Seymour unexpectedly passed away a few short months after the first carnival, but the event has continued on in his memory.

The carnival has changed quite a bit over the years, from a week-long event with many competitive teams to a four-day event with a few organizational teams.

However, for the 25th anniversary participants brought the old flare back, with three competitive teams registered, including the Aches and Pains, Tier 2 and the Rolling Stoners.

These teams helped bring the spirit of winter carnival back with some traditional activities such as the scavenger hunt and snow sculpture contest.

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