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ASK THE PEOPLE: Should Newfoundland and Labrador have a winter holiday

Eight provinces in Canada have a single-day holiday in February month, with six of them called a Family Day, along with P.E.I.’s Islander Day and Louis Riel Day in Manitoba.

QUESTION: Do you think Newfoundland and Labrador should also celebrate a holiday during the winter?

Leon Benoit


If it ends up being a choice between the civic holiday in August or a winter holiday in February, I’d much rather keep the summer holiday. If there’s a winter storm, you wouldn’t be able to celebrate in the outdoors.

Cassondra Gallant


Sure, I’d like to see a winter holiday. It’s always fun to have a family day, especially in the snowy and cold winter. Everyone deserves a break once in a while.

George Miles

St. George’s

Yes, we should celebrate a winter day and call it “Honest Newfoundland Government Day.” At we would then have one out of the 365-day year.

Gail Blanchard


Yeah, I do think we should have a Family Day, like what we had when I lived in Ontario. As someone working about 50 hours a week, a day to spend with my kids would be great.

Kara Young


Absolutely, I do. The winter is hard and long here in Newfoundland and Labrador and we all deserve a little holiday with family.

Bruce Patey


Yes, because there’s such a long span in the winter between statutory holidays. That holiday could be put in to “plug the hole” between New Year’s Day and Good Friday.

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