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Bob Cole thinks Gushue win good for all Newfoundland curlers

Brad Gushue chats with Bob Cole at a pep rally in St. John's in 2017.
Brad Gushue chats with Bob Cole at a pep rally in St. John's in 2017.

Bob Cole has fond memories of the west coast of Newfoundland.

He’s been here plenty of times throughout the span of his remarkable career; the last time a few years back when he took the ferry across the Gulf of St. Lawrence and drove through.

“Great times,” said Mr. Cole, “A great drive.”

But his connection to the west coast runs deeper than that. He played baseball for Corner Brook, way back when they won the provincials, and broadcast for the Corner Brook Royals. A true sportsman’s, he’s also enjoyed time fishing along the Humber River.

While waiting at a busy airport to catch a flight home to St. John’s, Mr. Cole graciously took the time to discuss Brad Gushue’s Brier win. Since he was busy calling the game between Montreal and Edmonton he’s not yet had a chance to watch Gushue’s triumph, but it has been recorded.

“I will sit down in the quiet of my home and watch it,” says the former curler, who represented Newfoundland at the 1971 and 1975 Briers.

So what is does he believe is the major difference between curling then and now?

“The major difference is they’re better than we were. Much better,” was the quick reply. “Gushue is one of the best, if not the best, in the world right now. He has a 90 percent shot margin. Everyone has high shot margins at times but he’s so consistent. It’s unheard of.”

Mr. Cole believes that even smaller communities and leagues such as the Gateway Curling Club will see more interest in the sport as a result. Pointing out how great the coaching and teaching has become, he says now is the perfect time for kids to learn the sport.

“The whole province got tied up with this thing. It was a complete sellout whenever he played. Everybody enjoyed it, the excitement, and interest is higher than it’s ever been.”    

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