Thou shall not lie

Published on August 29, 2016

Dear editor: Moose season is getting close for this season 2016. I hope the person that reported me last season, fall of 2015, had his or her eyes checked and glasses changed.

I was accused of killing an old cow moose on top of the hill at Lockie’s and leaving it there to rot.

I was checked by wildlife and asked a lot of questions.

Thankfully a couple of law-abiding citizens who saw a different vehicle than mine where the moose was killed that day came forward. They thought it was a legal moose hunter.

In the meantime my name was slandered all over town but those that accused me won’t have any luck. Karma is in no hurry.

I feel as though the one who reported the false information should have been charged with misleading wildlife officers. The truth will come out one day. I know it will.

Morgan Short

Port aux Basques