Show us some respect

Published on April 11, 2016

Dear editor: I am sitting here at my patio window looking at the construction going on at the site where the Muskrat line towers are supposed to end for the power cables to underground to connect to the other site at the Cape Ray lighthouse.

To me it’s very confusing to see so much money wasted on this project for the drilling pad and the road that goes to the towers that will be used only until the job is completed. This road is a first-class highway using B class crush stone.
The piece of land that they cleared on the side of the hill going out to Cape Ray was supposed to be used for transporting the drilling equipment up on the hill. But this was cancelled and went out to the lighthouse and to build the road. If they used the first proposed area, this would have been a burden off the road going out to the lighthouse.
As for the routes they took, it would have been a different ball game if they went on the other side of Sugar Loaf and on down the Strait along the T’Railway to the other side of Cape Ray, which is called the Back of Cape.
By taking that route, they wouldn’t have done so much defacing of the Twin Hills, the Sugar Loaf Wavy Forest, and of course our beautiful community Cape Ray.
I know Emera had a couple of public meetings concerning the routes they were going to take and I questioned them several times why they took that route. Emera said they had to follow the existing power line, and for environmental reasons. I still never got any specific reason.
I brought this to the attention of Andrew Parsons, who was in opposition at that time. He told me he contacted Emera and the government and they told him there wasn’t any complaint about it during their sessions.
I think the reason why Cape Ray residents didn’t complain is because they thought there were going to be lots of jobs. But it didn’t happen that way.
Like I said in the other letters I’ve written for The Gulf News in the past, Cape Ray was used and taken advantage of before and now they’re doing it again.
Emera said they will repair the road when the job is completed. But that’s not good enough.
The wear and tear that Marine Construction is putting on the road from the TCH and out to the lighthouse will take about three to four years lifespan on our roads.
To me, the people of Cape Ray are not very pleased with this project and our roads should be upgraded and paved.
Cape Ray is a small community, about 340 people, and I think Emera and the government should show us some respect. As a small community we have been pretty quiet about this all along. But things could change because people are starting to get fed up with this project.

Paul Taverner,
Cape Ray