We must not forget No. 19

Published on February 8, 2016

I must say, I really enjoyed the articles about the Port aux Basques Mariners over the last couple of weeks!

It brought back so many good memories. I could not help but smile just thinking about it.
Now comes the “but.” One of the most steady, nice and respected defenceman the Mariners had was not mentioned at all.
His hip check was feared, his knowledge of the game was second to none and most of all, he loved Port aux Basques so much that after the Mariners folded, he stuck around for a few years until he could no longer find work and was forced to move away.
He still visits almost every year with the love of his life that he met in Port aux Basques and he married in Port aux Basques.
I can go on and on about this man, but I know you will all agreed with me once I say his name. I even go so far to say most of you already know who I’m talking about. Darryl Ulrich (No. 19) is the man I’m talking about, he was one of the best the Mariners ever brought in as an import and I’m proud that he is a part of family.

Scott Savory, Port aux Basques