Lacking due process

Published on February 1, 2016

This is an open letter to MHA and Justice Minister Andrew Parsons.

I just got word on how you plan to raise revenue through outstanding fines levied against drivers under the Highways Act, which lack's due process.
And I am amazed at how you are continuing without due process in violating of the charter, constitution which you swore to protect, in the administration of justice under common law.
I assure you, there is no due process at the side of the highway, and seizing any property without due process violates the charter, which all rights flow from.
And I also assure you, there is due process when anyone is exercising the right to go from A to B, when not engaged in commerce.
The right to move from A to B when not engaged in commercial activities remains just that — a right. Otherwise, it’s no longer a right, but a compulsion, thus, destroying the right?
Corpus delicti, as Justice minister, you should know this.
In closing, if there is no one making a claim for injury, there is no crime, and all codes and regulations lack constitutional due process — international law under common law.
If the people decided to fight back in court, it would bankrupt this province further.
Put your efforts into greater retention of the wealth (resources).
Stu Pearce, Port aux Basques