Spare us the absurdities

Published on January 4, 2016

It seems that frequently when there are great tragedies or other kinds of extraordinary events in our world, a significant number of observers evaluating these happenings start with the premise that the most obvious and most reasonable explanations could not possibly be true.

Hence we are presented with outrageously unfounded conspiracy theories such as those having to do with the 9/11 terrorists attacks in New York City, the Jewish Holocaust, and the O.J. Simpson murder case of 1994
The most preposterous and unbridled contention about the destruction of the World Trade buildings on Sept. 11, 2001, is that there were no planes involved. Some theorists in this case want us to believe that there was a concerted conspiracy on the part of all news media to fake the crash of the two planes that were clearly seen by millions of television viewers to have levelled the Twin Towers within a few hours. What utter nonsense! Did the thousands of eyewitnesses who saw the terrorist acts firsthand all suddenly lose their minds at the same instant and merely imagine that they saw two planes crash into the buildings?
Secondly, it is prevalent among some other observers the belief that members of the U.S. government were somehow directly responsible for the horrifying destruction in New York City. What possible gain could there be for anyone but foreign terrorists to commit such heinous acts, which included the appalling extinguishing of nearly 3,000 lives in various inescapable and agonizing ways?
The only layer of responsibility that could conceivably lie with the American government is that George Bush Jr. and some of his intelligence advisors knew beforehand that there could be such an act carried out around the time of these attacks and did little to stop it.
It doesn't take much searching to find that there are a fair number of deviant-minded persons who write or otherwise proclaim that there were far fewer Jews gassed by the Nazis during the Second World War than is usually believed. Again, this notion is both stupid and totally false, as there were undeniably thousands of eye witnesses who attested soon after these atrocities occurred that countless thousands of Jews perished in such frightful, gruesome ways in German death camps.
Finally, all one needs to know about the evidence in the O.J. Simpson case in order to believe in Simpson's guilt is that the blood collected by the L.A. police when they arrived on the murder scene was Simpson's fresh blood, and therefore could not have resulted from O.J. 's bleeding there at some prior occasion, as several of his lawyers argued.
One wonders sometimes what further historically documented facts might fall victim to the wanton and aggressive ineptitude of conspirators. Maybe someone will soon hit the airwaves with the theory that then-U.S. Defence Secretary Robert McNamara had a hand in placing the Russian missiles in Cuba in 1962 so that his notoriety stemming from President John F. Kennedy's successful defusing of this international crisis might enhance his reputation.
To whoever may be responsible for this sort of blather and dribble, please spare us all such absurdities.
Lloyd Bonnell, Corner Brook