Big screen hopes

Published on September 14, 2015

It is always sad when a building is demolished; the Grandview Cinema especially so for me, as I am sure for others in this area.

While the building was standing, there was always that hope that it would be reopened. Like most people on the southwest coast, I have many fond memories of attending movies with family, friends and hosting birthday parties for my children.
And who could forget the mouthwatering smell of popcorn upon entering the building.
A movie theatre would definitely be an asset for our town, young or old — everyone would benefit.
I applaud Mr. Callaghan for his efforts to restart a movie theatre here and for reviving the theatre in Stephenville. I am hopeful another structure will become available in the future.
At present, residents from the Port aux Basques area frequently travel to Stephenville and Corner Brook to watch movies. This can be a dangerous practice, especially when driving back in the dark.
Our local sports teams regularly take in movies while away for sporting events.
When planning a family vacation or trip out of town, I always check whether a movie can be scheduled.
In Elliot Lake, Ont., a local company purchased the equipment and had it installed in a high school theatre room, then local groups took turns hosting movies and reaped the benefits, it is a win-win situation for that area. Would this work in our town? Would spacing be available at the Bruce II? At either school? The former Rec House building?
Watching a movie on the big screen is not the same as watching one at home. I know it isn’t extinct and I sincerely hope it will once again become a regular past time for our area.
Karen Simon, Port aux Basques