Parties must deal with financial reality

Published on October 5, 2015

“Surplus.” Wow, you’ve got to love the sound of that after the last provincial budget. It is important in every race to give credit when credit is due, and also to give criticism when it is due.

There is an election happening somewhere, but not here. The candidates that promised to roll back time and open the Veteran Affairs office and reinstate door-to-door across the country have fallen silent. Yes the country has a surplus. $1.9 billion ... looking good when you consider that the province, in the same time period, ran a deficit of $2 billion. A country of 40 million are making ends meet, but the province of only half a million, in spite of the enormous wealth from oil, has run 10 years of deficits.
It’s not wise to chose your candidate based on the color this time. Voters should make more of an effort to judge the work and past performance of the candidates and the leaders. This present Harper government has managed our finances well, in spite of the global downturn, popular or not.
Like everyone else who follows provincial politics, I am ready to throw the provincial Tories under the bus based on principle alone. The past 10 years will do us more harm than the previous 500 years. Like most others I am ready to accept change for the sake of change in the province, if only someone had the balls to put forth some sensible policies and plans to deal with the reality of the finances.
Surely, if we are to give credit when credit is due, then Harper gets high marks for managing the taxpayers money and Williams, Dunderdale, Marshall and Davis get a failing grade. And the current opposition gets full marks for silence.
Folks, these jobs pay $160,000 per year — expect more.
Roy Whalen, Deer Lake