St. John's man raises concern over Goulds' Chase the Ace tickets

Players given the wrong end of tickets

Published on August 10, 2017

Tickets that a Chase the Ace participant was given, which should have been placed in the draw.

©Beth Penney/The Telegram

A St. John’s man posted to Facebook declaring that Wednesday night’s Chase the Ace draw should have been null and void.

The post shows that he and his wife were given the wrong end of the tickets after they purchased them.

Their concern was that only one of their tickets had been put into the draw, as opposed to three.

A statement issued by Service NL said the customer approached members of the St. Kevin’s Parish Chase the Ace organizing committee and a Service NL employee with the stub portions of three tickets that would normally have been placed in the bin for the draw.

A member of the organizing committee explained that before the draw took place they were notified by a volunteer ticket-seller that the wrong portion of one ticket had been retained in error.

The organizers made a decision to cut the portion of the ticket that had been retained into three stubs, each bearing one number from the ticket, and the stubs were placed in the bin before the draw.

Service NL’s on-site auditor reviewed the action that was taken by the organizers and determined that the integrity of the draw had not been compromised.

No further investigation of this incident is deemed necessary at this time by Service NL, the department stated.