Port au Choix man into Day 3 of hunger strike

Protesting against DFO and state of roads

Published on April 19, 2017

Ben Ploughman of Port au Choix is undergoing a hunger strike in protest of fishery issues and road conditions.

©Submitted photo

PORT AU CHOIX, NL — Ben Ploughman of Port au Choix is now into the third day of a public hunger strike.

The man from the Northern Peninsula town had joined protesters at the demonstration held in the town outside Department of Fisheries and Oceans offices Tuesday. As black smoke towered behind him, Plughman was photographed waving a pair of homemade signs reading, “Hunger Strike On” and “DFO Sucks.”
Frustrated with recent cuts and the overall management of the fishery, fishers set fire to their gear in front of the offices in a move of desperation to draw attention to their grievances. DFO representatives have now agreed to meet with the fishers Friday.
Ploughman’s personal quest, includes a call on Premier Dwight Ball to meet with him in Port au Choix, where he says, “I will share with you a slice of my frozen pizza that I have waiting in the fridge.” He urges the premier to meet with him quickly, “because I want to go for one more ice fishing trip before the ice goes off the ponds.”
Ploughman is also protesting the road conditions in Port au Choix.
“… my beautiful town has the worst roads in Atlantic Canada, and no(body) in power seems to give a (expletitive).”