Lamaline native working on new album

Jason Martin recording a Newfoundland album at the request of his fans

Published on March 10, 2017

Lamaline native Jason Martin is in the process of recording his first Newfoundland CD. He is taking his time with the project to ensure it is all he wants it to be.

©Photo courtesy of Jason Martin

Jason Martin will pay homage to his hometown with a single he is currently recording for his new album “Our Newfoundland”.

Martin said the song entitled “Lamaline” talks of a tradition that was started by his father’s side of the family some years ago, “where we go back home and just have a boys reunion,” he said. “We go into the cabin — drink, party and play music, like we always do.” 

Martin, who has a number of albums to his credit, said he first set out to do an album of popular Newfoundland favorites.

“I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a Newfoundland album,” he said. “I’ve been playing around in Ontario for quite a while and the people that come to see me, you know are a lot of Newfoundlanders, so they’ve been asking me forever to do a Newfoundland CD, so I finally started one.”

The project started approximately a year ago, with the intent being to record an album of Newfoundland favorites, “and then my dad (Ralph Martin) started writing and writing and writing,” he said. 

“All the sudden we got all these original songs that are starting to come together, so it worked out really nice.”

The first single of the album is one written by his father entitled “Saltwater Hands”.

“He wrote that in 2006 or 2007, and he recorded a version of it with some friends of ours from back home and it played somewhere on the radio,” he said.

Martin added that his father also contributes on the song, leading his voice to two verses and a chorus.  

The album, which has yet to be released, will feature seven original songs written by Martin and his father, with the reminder of the CD comprised of covers.

“They’re going to be songs that are close to us,” he said. “Me and my dad’s family, so it’s going to be stuff that’s close to home … some of it is going to come from the Burin Peninsula.” 

Martin has a number of musical influences.

“My dad first and for most was probably the biggest,” he said. “I started out listening to Hank Williams Sr, and then I got into Merle Haggard and George Jones — later on when I started playing on stage George Strait was a big influence.”  

Growing up Martin said music was a big part of their household.

“My dad was playing from as young an age that I can remember,” he said. 

He added that his uncles Lester Martin and Calvin Martin are also musicians and will also be featured on the album.  

Jason started playing guitar when he was 10-years-old, with his father teaching him the basics.

“I started doing stuff on stage when I was about 14, he said, “open mic stuff, and local talent (events).”

At age 19, after finishing his schooling, he moved to Ontario for work.

He also started playing the local club scene, and it was during one of his performances that he met Albert McDonald, who is aiding in the production of the album.

Martin said the CD is being recorded between his home studio and 416 Audio Productions, owned by McDonald.