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Paul Strickland returned as mayor of Burnt Islands

Burnt Islands town office.
Burnt Islands town office.

BURNT ISLANDS, NL – Paul Strickland has been re-elected as mayor for another term, defeating rival and former councillor Alfred Taylor by 20 votes.

Strickland won 109 votes to Taylor’s 89.
Retaining their seats are councillors Keith Edmunds, Wallace Kinslow, Ashley Munden, Jason Keeping and Lydia Thorne. The one new council member is Kevin Hardy, who was second only to Munden in votes.

Here is the breakdown of votes:

Ashley Munden, 172

Kevin Hardy, 160

Lydia Thorne, 131

Jason Keeping, 131

Keith Edmunds, 124

Wallace Kinslow, 100

Newcomer Baine Hodder failed to secure a seat, winning only 53 votes.

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