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Four new faces on Burgeo council

Burgeo council chamber.
Burgeo council chamber.

BURGEO, NL – The hotly debated water issue did not prevent Barbara Barter from retaining her seat on Burgeo council.

Also returning are councillors Richard Blagdon and William Bowles.

One of four new faces winning a seat is Helen Swift, who took an interest in politics and ran for council largely due to the water controversy. SueAnn Peckford-Spencer and Kevin Thorne also claimed seats. Newcomer John Savoury won the highest number of votes.

Of the 1,155 eligible voters in Burgeo, 619 ballots were cast, representing a solid 53.6 per cent voter turnout for these municipal elections.

Burgeo councillors will elect the mayor at their next meeting in early October.

Here is how the numbers break down:

- John Savoury, 500

- Richard Blagdon, 491

- SueAnn Peckford-Spencer, 476

- Helen Swift, 411

- William Bowles, 328

- Barbara Barter, 277

- Kevin Thorne, 274

Defeated challengers were Archibald Durnford Jr. (248), Elizabeth Strickland (228) and Angela Simms (226).

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