Heavy rains cause flooding in Port aux Basques

Published on June 26, 2017

A vehicle plows through a deeply flooded roadway in front of the Hotel Port aux Basques on Saturday.

©Ashley White photo

PORT AUX BASQUES, NL – Roadways, yards and even basements were flooded as Port aux Basques was hammered with 53 millimetres of rain on Saturday.

Water pooled so heavily at the mall parking lot that a large area of it became entirely unusable.

Trina Alley owns a rental property on Army Hill, which suffered water damage despite the steep incline on which the house rests.

“The pump in the basement couldn’t handle all the water, and it started to drain in a different direction,” said Alley. “That’s when it ended up in the basement porch.”

Water pours from holes in a retaining wall near the Port Club in Port aux Basques.
Fred Cousins photo

Luckily, the damage was minor, and Alley will only have to replace some carpeting.

Because it rests on higher ground, her own home was spared the same fate, but for a while her backyard resembled a shallow pond.

The rain fell so hard and fast at times that storm drains were backed up and vehicles were forced to either brave the water or pull over entirely in several spots, including one off ramp from the Trans-Canada Highway near the Hotel Port aux Basques.

Despite being on top of a hill, Trina Alley’s backyard was reduced to little more than a small pond after being deluged by heavy rains.
Trina Alley photo

Videos of cars plowing through the water or spilling down inclines onto the roadway were shared to social media, but by supper time the rain was reduced to a drizzle and drains were finally able to clear the excess water.

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