Dog’s leg trapped while walking T’Railway

Chantelle MacIsaac
Published on December 7, 2015

Amanda McNeil’s dog Scruffy’s leg was recently trapped while walking the T’Railway near Edna’s Road.

It took some time, but while Amanda McNeil listened to her dog screeching in pain, she figured out how to open the trap the dog’s leg was stuck in.

“I tried yelling out for help but there was nobody around,” said McNeil, who was still worked up from the Nov. 26 ordeal.
The incident happened right next to the T’Railway, where her dog Scruffy stopped for a drink of water at a culvert.
The T’Railway is used as a popular walking trail with benches and lookouts.
McNeil said she and many others used the trail and it’s the first time she has ever encountered a trap.
She is unfamiliar with traps and didn’t know exactly what kind it was. McNeil said that if people are going to be trapping, especially in high-traffic areas, they should put some kind of markers or warnings up for the consideration of others.
The Department of Environment and Conservation identified the trap as appearing to be a type of conventional leg hold restraining trap known as a long spring or jump trap.
“These may be set near waterways for species such as beaver, muskrat, otter and mink,” wrote a spokesperson in an email.
She said this trap type is also permitted on land for fox in areas that are open to trapping and during the trapping season.
Trapping is not permitted in provincial parks, including the T’railway, however it is difficult to determine if this trap was inside or outside the T’railway boundary, she wrote.
The report has been referred to the fish and wildlife enforcement officers of the Department of Justice and Public Safety for followup.