Scott Reid elected St. George's - Humber MHA

Chantelle MacIsaac
Published on November 30, 2015

Scott Reid watched with family as the polling results came in and he was elected MHA for St. George's - Humber.

Following up with a post-election gathering in the Codroy Valley, Reid was greeted with cheers and applause from supporters.

“It feels good,” said Reid of the win.

In the Codroy Valley, residents were not surprised over the win.

Wallace Gale said he knew it would be a landslide win.

“Change is needed,” he said.

Likewise on the opposite end of the district, Pasadena Mayor Otto Goulding said he looks forward to working with Reid on local issues.

Goulding predicts some challenges with the size of the district and different issues within the district, but looks forward to the future and working with Reid.

He congratulated all of the candidates.

The work and putting themselves out there is appreciated, he said.

Reid is elected currently with 3,233 votes compared to 635 for PC hopeful Greg Osmond and 286 for the NDP's Shane Snook.

Osmond congratulated Reid on the win, saying it was very impressive.

“He did a great job and had a good campaign,” he said.

Osmond said his interest in provincial politics is not over, and he looks forward to future opportunities.

Snook said he was not particularly surprised over the polls, but did feel disappointed that more attention was paid to the polls than to the platforms.

“Four years from now could be a different story,” he said.

Snook said the province and politics has not seen the last of him yet.