Out with the old, in with the new

Some communities will see plenty of change after municipal elections

Published on September 8, 2017

Port aux Basques will have a new mayor on Sept. 26.

©J. R. Roy / Special to The Gulf News

Although there are some familiar faces running for council in many of the municipalities along the southwest coast, there are plenty of new candidates too, including some former councillors who left politics but are now seeking a return.

Profiles of the candidates, along with brief Q&A sessions, will be forthcoming in the weeks prior to the Sept 26 election. In the meantime, here are the names of council nominees for each municipality.

Only the current mayor, Barbara Barter, and two councillors, Richard Blagdon and Bill (William) Bowles, are seeking re-election. Bowles was added to the board partway through the last term after another councillor stepped down. The remaining candidates are: Archibald Durnford Jr., SueAnn Peckford-Spencer, John Savoury, Angela Simms, Elizabeth Strickland, Helen Swift and Kevin Thorne.

Burnt Islands
All of the current members of Burnt Islands council are seeking re-election. Paul Strickland is in the running for mayor, as is councillor Alfred Taylor. Councillors seeking another term are: Keith Edmunds, Wallace Kinslow, Jason Keeping, Ashley Munden and Lydia Thorne. The new candidates are Baine Hodder and Kevin Hardy.

Isle aux Morts
Seeking re-election this term are current mayor Steven LeFrense, deputy mayor William Durnford Jr., and councillors Thomas Herritt and Seward Lawrence. New faces in the running are: Tonya Harvey, Lorenzo Leamon, Nelson Lillington and Damon Organ.

Port aux Basques
Port aux Basques will have a new mayor after the Sept. 26 elections. Current mayor Todd Strickland has elected to run as a council candidate instead. Mayoral candidates are Brian Button and John Spencer.
Along with Strickland, returning council candidates include current deputy mayor Justin Blacker, and councillors Jerome Battiste and Bruce Burton.
There are plenty of new faces running for a seat this term too. The candidates include: Corey Allen, Todd Anderson, Chester Coffin, Richard Farrell, Bob (Robert) Hinks, James K. Lane Sr., Tracey Lomond, Melvin Keeping, Velda Pretty and Sandra Spencer.

There’s only one new hat in the ring for Ramea council this term. Laura Kendall is the new face, and joins all but one of the current council members in seeking a seat. Seeking re-election are current mayor Clyde Dominie, deputy mayor Lester Gould, and councillors Bruce Childs, Nancy Poole, Lloyd Rossiter and Ian Stewart.

Rose Blanche
Clayton Durnford hopes to keep his position as mayor and is seeking another term this election. Also looking to return is deputy mayor Jennifer Keeping. Councillors seeking re-election are Marilyn Bernard, Fred Billard, Henry Lawrence, Ruby Porter and Frank Touchings. The two new candidates are Gary Bateman and Clayton Harris.

Full election coverage, including profiles of the candidates from all of the municipalities, will appear in the Sept. 18 edition of The Gulf News.