Ocieanna Blackmore wins 11th St. James Idol Competition

Published on March 14, 2017

St. James Idol Season 11 winner Ocieanna Blackmore poses with her winner’s plaque and ukulele.

©John René Roy

Before a packed house Ocieanna Blackmore was chosen winner of the 11th annual St. James Idol Competition.

St. James High School held the event Monday night. Each of the five contestants performed twice, with four choosing to sing and one choosing to play clarinet.

After a brief deliberation, judges Julia Goodyear, Denise Durdle-Anderson and Megan Laite offered some hearty praise and constructive tips to the contestants before declaring Ocieanna the winner.    

From left: Idol contestants Hayley Osmond, Charlotte Osmond, Calista Seaward, Allison Parsons and Ocieanna Blackmore.

©John René Roy

Idol judges included music teachers Megan Laite (left) and Julia Goodyear (right) and local songstress Denise Durdle-Anderson.

©John René Roy