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Pennsylvania couple had originally intended to take in all of Newfoundland but settled happily for the west coast    

Published on August 8, 2017

Bill Tenney, who is visiting Newfoundland’s west coast with wife Barb, thinks that the Rose Blanche lighthouse is “unbelievable.”

©Rosalyn Roy / The Gulf News

Bill and Barb Tenney have taken in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in previous years, but this year they were looking to expand their discovery of the Atlantic provinces.

The Pennsylvania couple drove through Québec and Labrador before taking the ferry across to Newfoundland, fully intending to tour the entire island.

“Once we got on the island, we didn’t realize it was so big,” said Bill.

After touring L’Anse aux Meadows in St. Anthony, the pair realized they weren’t keen on the long drive to St. John’s and the prospect of another long drive back to Port aux Basques to catch the ferry, or an even longer ferry ride from Argentia.

Instead they turned south and found themselves in Rose Blanche.

“We found this bed and breakfast at the end of the road,” said Bill. “Just enjoying everything. The people, the laid back attitude.”

The couple hails from about 60 miles west of Philadelphia and is enjoying the relaxed attitude of southwest coast residents.

“I’m really impressed with the fact that people from small communities like this, they don’t seem to want to leave,” said Bill, who made an exception for younger generations but noted that they often return to their hometowns as they get older. “Once you get settled you realize what you have here and it’s like you can’t find it any other place,” he said.

Bill also enjoyed the region’s history and the entirety of the restoration.

“I was impressed with the lighthouse – a rock lighthouse on a big rock. I thought that was pretty neat.”

The staff’s stories of days gone by also helped make the experience memorable. Eventually, Bill is hoping to reach St. John’s someday and perhaps even bring his grandson next time.

“We saw the western part this time. I’d like to be able to see the eastern part,” said Bill. “It’s just a worthwhile experience.”